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Befitnesslou is located in Marbella, southern Spain. We started in 2020 building a project that is based on quality, elegance and functionality. Working with materials with a high percentage of polyamide and having our own factory earned us the recognition of our customers.

The way of manufacturing that we choose is “Slow fashion”, which means that each piece is made slowly in a certain way, going through high quality control.

Befitnesslou defines itself as a clothing brand for fitness, yoga and sport itself, always accompanied by the energy of Marbella. We really like colors and play with them, always following harmony and synchronization. One of the hallmarks of the brand are the materials with the print, which define our energy.

Our company always opts for sustainable materials, seeking to provide a little help by protecting the environment, always trying to think of others.

Another of our ideas is to create collections with different themes where each collection will be a universe, but all together will form part of the Befitnesslou multiverse.

We hope you will follow us and be with us on this beautiful journey full of energy, colours, sports and yoga.

Sincerely Befitnesslou

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