Choose your clothing with awareness

Being conscious about life and the way we live has always been very important. Just as we live or eat consciously, we should also be informed when buying our activewear clothes.

Knowing how to choose translates into being informed about what materials are used and how the clothing is produced. We always use sustainable materials, and our way of working will always be ‘slow fashion’. Befitnesslou, sustainable women’s activewear, is made with a high percentage of polyamide. Our push-up effect leggings will adapt to your body perfectly, giving you a wonderful silhouette. Durability is one of the most important qualities for our clothing. By purchasing activewear made of good materials, you ensure that your clothing stays in use longer and is not disposable. The textile industry is one of the most polluting to the planet, caused by clothing with low durability.

The slow fashion method of manufacturing means that both the person who makes the clothing and the one in quality control dedicate the appropriate time and energy to each piece of clothing during its production.

All of this will make you feel special wearing our Befitnesslou women’s activewear line.

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